Six Essential Tips for Responding to Comments on YouTube.

Six Essential Tips for Responding to Comments on YouTube.

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Six Essential Tips for Responding to Comments on YouTube.

Responding to comments on YouTube is essential for expanding an engaged and active audience. Do you want to do it right? Here are six great suggestions!
You probably already know that only a small number of people post comments on YouTube. It only occurs when a video provokes people in a way that is insightful, motivating, or polarizing. To put it another way, getting comments isn’t easy.

You should treat each one like digital gold because of this. Whether you receive 10, 50, or 500 views, this indicates that your channel has engaged viewers. If you want them to stay, you need to pay them attention, as many of them will become the center of your community.

Six Essential Tips for Responding to Comments on YouTube.

A few responses here and there is all that is required. The following are six guidelines for success in the comment section:

1. Quickly respond to comments.

The moment a comment is posted is the ideal time to respond. By doing this, you let your audience know that your thoughts and concerns are important to you, which makes it easier for them to stick with you!

But what if, on average, you get hundreds of comments? The idea of responding to everyone, no matter how social you are, can be daunting.

What’s the best option? Expectations you and your audience should have are attainable. For instance, how many remarks can you respond to without becoming overwhelmed? Use that number, no matter what it is, as a healthy benchmark. After hitting publish, inform viewers that you will respond to the first 25, 50, or 100 comments you receive.

2. Thank viewers for their kind comments.

When you want to make your audience feel special, even a little praise can go a long way. Send a brief note of appreciation when you see those “golden” comments, such as “awesome video” or “this is really inspiring.”

Also, these messages need not be long and flowery; In many instances, a simple “thank you” suffices. We noticed a nice example from Blubber109, a game creator, in which they gave a brief response to thank a viewer.

3. Use constructive means to respond to criticism.

On YouTube, you will undoubtedly have critics, regardless of how positive you are. Consider the criticism of your video’s lighting, intro, topic, or any other aspect as a learning opportunity. Can you improve the ideas and content structure of your videos? Could there be some improvement to the lighting?

If this is the case, let your audience know that you understand and will consider making changes. After all, you are creating content for an audience, and they ought to be able to contribute occasionally.

4. Make each response unique.

On social media, a lot of influential people post canned responses, which are messages that have been prepared in advance to make responding to messages much simpler. When you have a large audience, it saves time, but there are better ways to engage viewers.

Empathy, trust, and some level of personalization are necessary for community building. So, when you write your responses, keep it casual and real. Keep visitors coming back if you make them feel at ease in the comment section!

5. Neglect the Trolls.

It is impossible to win a battle against trolls. You don’t know who they are or what they stand for because they don’t show their face on YouTube. Even if you are successful in eliminating one troll, another one appears like a noxious weed in the garden.

Sadly, that well-known saying still holds true: The internet has never lost.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your sanity, you should not argue with any viewers at all. Concentrate on the important people in your life, such as viewers who provide constructive criticism and support.

6. Be gentle with your self-promotion.

If you have a small channel, you should promote yourself on YouTube. However, how much promotion is excessive?

Make an effort to align your requests with typical YouTube behavior, such as challenging viewers to receive a predetermined number of likes or asking questions. You are only asking for engagement, which is much safer than repeatedly asking for downloads, money, or signups.

Respect must be maintained in the comments.

Do you want to win over your readers’ comments? Imagine that each conversation takes place face-to-face. Avoid unnecessary fights, maintain conversational lightness, and show appreciation for compliments. The majority of people will follow your example and engage in constructive conversation.

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