Other AppNext Alternatives: Check out these six similar monetization platforms.

Other AppNext Alternatives: Check out these six similar monetization platforms.

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Other AppNext Alternatives: Check out these six similar monetization platforms.

Even if you’ve decided that AppNext is the only ad mediation you’ll use to monetize your apps, it never hurts to know the names of some mediation platforms that connect you to the best ad networks and provide high eCPM performance. efficient, individualized accompaniment and management tools

It is obvious that there are other ad mediations with similar or even superior characteristics, but it is impossible to minimize the reach and benefits of this app monetization platform for publishers. Do you wish to speak with them? In order to broaden your perspective, we present you with six other options for AppNext.

Other AppNext Alternatives: Check out these six similar monetization platforms.

Why should you have additional platforms for monetization?

It is essential to select truly competent platforms when beginning a project related to application monetization. If you don’t, you won’t be able to live up to your expectations or reach the financial goals you so desperately want.

You can gain a significant advantage over your rivals by diligently researching and identifying the best platforms available. You won’t have the tools to select the option that best fits the application you manage until then.

Even when it comes to AppNext, picking the first monetization app you come across will never be the best option. The best thing to do is to look at all of the possibilities and look at each little function that can give you different options.

But before choosing a platform for mediation, what should you look at? There are numerous tools and factors that influence, including:

The variety of advertising formats it supports You should try to collect as many different kinds of advertising as you can so that the user experience doesn’t get boring or invasive.

The return it provides in terms of effective cost per thousand reproductions (eCPM). Ad mediation alternatives that connect us with premium audiences must be chosen.

The resources it offers to publishers include: analysis, dashboard in real time, and support service

When selecting an ad mediation as an ally, other factors to consider include the available ad networks, their installation kits (SDKs), payment options, and disbursement dates.

If the platform you initially selected does not meet your requirements, you should definitely think about having a backup option that is in line with your publishing goals. You’ll have more options to choose from if you know more about ad mediation platforms.

What’s AppNext?

One of the most well-known and widely used ad mediation platforms is AppNext: This company has an extensive network of advertisers deployed in more than 180 nations, and it is estimated that more than 750 million users interact with the recommendations it promotes.

AppNext, a company based in Israel, uses its own proprietary technology to study user algorithms and encourage application discovery. In a nutshell, this ad mediation service is in charge of “predicting” which app the user will use next.

The “Timeline” technology is based on consumers’ tastes and preferences, as well as their age, gender, location, and previous searches. Showing relevant ads with the highest possible effective cost-per-thousand-views (eCPM) performance is the outcome of all of this.

Additionally, the variety of ad formats offered by this ad mediation stand out: banners, native, video, and interstitial ads, a carousel widget, and applications that are recommended. In order to avoid interfering with the app’s user experience, each one is carefully incorporated.

AppNext powers 6.5 billion personalized app recommendations for 60,000 different apps at the present time. It provides a guidance service for measuring campaign performance and objectives in real time.

Five other options than AppNext.

AppNext is like a drop of water in a glass. To put it another way, it is one of the many ad mediation platforms that publishers who want to make money from their app can use. Additionally, despite the fact that they appear to perform the same function, their technology makes monetization a distinct experience. Let’s take a look at some other options for AppNext:


Google’s AdMob is a free tool that connects developers to segmented audiences and displays appealing, individualized advertisements to users who were previously identified by technological patterns.

You can select the ads that will appear in your app automatically by using an ad auction. AdMob usually tries to show the ads that make the most money.

Publishers can select the ad formats and types they want to display in their app—rewarded, native, banner, and interstitial ads—and review and remove any ads that might harm their app. His drawback? It doesn’t make as much money as other mediation platforms.


By assisting you in mediating with more than 100 Ad Networks, which bring together high-level advertisers like Netflix, McDonald’s, and Ford, Wortise can double your app’s monetization.


Smaato, like other similar monetization platforms, makes use of technology that can connect publishers with the ads that make the most money. This ad mediation platform is currently used by over 90,000 publishers and 10,000 advertisers.

As a monetization alternative, Smaato can easily take the place of AppNext. It is presumed that publishers can monetize 30% more when they join Smaato, despite the fact that each experience is unique and relative.

Developers and advertisers now have access to banners, interstitials, interstitial and rewarded video, native vertical, and formats that offer rewards when played.

Smaato allows real-time connection to auctions, joining the global demand for mobile advertising.


It is a platform that supports both Android and iOS. It solely focuses on the creation of technologies for application monetization and advertising.

Publishers who place a wager on IronSource will have access to all ad formats and, of course, advanced reports to evaluate the performance of our in-app advertising campaign.

You will only need to focus on the application’s operation if you choose this option over AppNext. Because of its technology, the entire auction and monetization plan is carried out automatically.


Chartboost, an advertising and monetization platform that enables publishers to define how they want an ad campaign to run in their app, is yet another essential tool. In the mobile gaming industry, it is a popular advertising mediation.

It gives publishers access to a large audience with real-time offers and provides detailed metrics for understanding user impressions, clicks, and even downloads of their applications.

The app’s highly dynamic ad templates prevent the formats from being repeated consecutively, making the user as at ease as possible.


This ad mediation platform has its headquarters in the United States, but most of its clients are located in European nations. In order to make monetization as simple as possible, the interface places the ads above the content, giving them the most visibility.

It gives advertisers in the United States, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, and Hungary instant access to global demand.

In addition to facilitating the deployment of various advertising formats such as banners, native, and Rich media (interactive), it is in charge of providing comprehensive reports on the metrics and outcomes of each in-app advertisement.

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