Advertise Your Channel on YouTube: 17 Advice for Small Authors.

9 Ways to Make Videos Go Wild with YouTube Shorts.

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9 Ways to Make Videos Go Wild with YouTube Shorts.

Do you want some ideas for videos for your YouTube Shorts? These nine concepts will help you become a viral sensation!

Why are some YouTube shorts more popular than others? If you look at what makes a good video, the following are always present:

-A solid concept.
-The proper hook.
-Transfer of emotions (happy, funny, moving, etc.)

In this post, we’ll concentrate on the most important part, developing a compelling video concept. Therefore, if you want more views this year, check out these nine viral YouTube shorts ideas!

Advertise Your Channel on YouTube: 17 Advice for Small Authors.

1. Tutorials.

Although YouTube Shorts are short, there is still ample time for a tutorial. That could be anything you’re good at, like doing things yourself, making art, fixing computers, or something else related to your niche. Simply keep it short and informative!

2. Tips and tricks for life.

Life hacks might be one of the best ideas for viral YouTube shorts. After all, everyone enjoys taking a shortcut to success!

On YouTube, there are two ways to implement this concept. You could respond to a life hack that is already popular or make a new video in which you try the hack for yourself. If the subject matter aligns with your sector, either option could result in a viral moment.

3. Prior to and After

On YouTube, before-and-after videos are extremely popular. They are simply satisfying in a way that the majority of videos will never be, particularly when something transforms from dull to beautiful or from dirty to clean.

Just ensure that the “after” video looks better than the “before” video in these videos. The “wow” factor comes from the disparity between those states.

4. Quick Notes

Similar to tutorials, quick tips give you more room to experiment with the format. You don’t have to do it step by step; instead, you can come up with creative ways to break down complicated subjects into manageable chunks of information.

5. Common Myths

Are there any myths in your YouTube community that you’ve noticed? What about the mistakes that everyone makes?

If this is the case, correct the record with a concise video. Your findings may cause viewers to share the video with someone else because they are so shocking.

6. Videos that inspire.

People who are pursuing common objectives, such as becoming fitter, remaining healthy, or adopting the right mindset, benefit most from engaging with content that is motivational. Because they are extremely challenging to complete, a little motivation can go a long way.

By sharing a goal you have accomplished over time, you can make a difference. Create creative ways to break down your journey and inspire others, such as by displaying a time-lapse of your progress.

7. Fun Info.

Do you want a video idea that never lets you down? Fun facts never go out of style!

You will reveal unspoken truths in support of this concept that will pique the curiosity of an audience (the majority of viewers). You’ll go viral and entertain millions of people if you combine that with extremely rare facts.

However, that is only one aspect of the issue. It is not uncommon for facts to simply be relatable and still receive millions of views.

8. Unboxing/Reviews.

Do you want to influence products?

The good news is in! You don’t have to make long videos on YouTube for people to find you. YouTube Shorts can be adapted by anyone, as evidenced by the large number of viral unboxing videos produced by countless individuals.

Bonus: Repurpose Your Content in Long Form.

Why not convert your popular long-form videos into YouTube Shorts? Now that you can see the most-watched part of a video, it’s easier to find popular parts that could go viral.

It’s just a matter of “dressing it up” once you find that special clip. After adding captions, special effects, and music, give it an irresistible title. All of this helps you become a YouTube sensation!

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