Is the ad refresh strategy going to be important and beneficial in 2023?

Is the ad refresh strategy going to be important and beneficial in 2023?

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Is the ad refresh strategy going to be important and beneficial in 2023?

Ad refreshing was abused in its early stages. Publishers who were greedy saw it as a way to “get rich quick” and it ended up in a “graveyard” of bad practices.

Now, everything is changing. The industry is reviving with a new face and great opportunities for publishers and brands thanks to improved views measurement and newer technology.

In addition, in this day and age of ad blocking, third-party cookie blocking, and ever-increasing privacy regulations, advertisers cannot effortlessly monitor a customer’s online activities.

Is the ad refresh strategy going to be important and beneficial in 2023?

If done correctly, each of these elements creates an ideal setting for advertising refreshment.

The subsequent inquiry is: Is it important to you as a publisher that ads be refreshed?

Let’s go over the main points of this strategy so you can make your own decision.

How does Ad Refresh work?

-To begin, the user must remain on the page long enough to see a variety of advertisements. In addition, the website must provide a variety of content that users will find interesting and valuable in addition to being engaging, pertinent, and visually appealing in order to entice users to remain on the page. For a publisher, this is a lofty goal that must be accomplished. Advertisers and users will not remain if this is not the case.

-Second, refreshing ads must adhere to Google Ads Policies’ guidelines and standards; if they are broken, the ads will ultimately be removed.

Thirdly, despite the publisher’s potential for revenue growth, refreshing will result in a decrease in CPM. As long as revenue grows, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

-Fourth, advertisers must be fully informed about your refreshing strategy and its long-term benefits. Misunderstandings and advertiser concerns about viewability are avoided with complete transparency. They may lower their bids as a result, but the increased number of ads displayed to users during their visit to your website and subsequent click-throughs should more than make up for this.

-Fifth, sets of ads must be visible to viewers for them to be effective. Publishers must ensure that refreshes are not “blind” because many re-fresh vendors are not sufficiently cautious about this.

Sixth, the content of any advertising must be checked for plagiarism, regardless of whether a publisher chooses to use refreshing. For this, you can use a free plagiarism checker. Ad content copied from another source can result in legal trouble for both the creator and the publisher.

-Seventh, the ad refresh trigger rate needs to be determined and tested. Publishers must strike a balance between providing viewers with sufficient time to absorb the content and respond to calls to action while refreshing as frequently as possible (to expose viewers to as many advertisements as possible). Most likely, 30 seconds is too little; 120 seconds might be too long.

Instead of counting clicks per thousand, publishers could look at revenue growth using a different metric like earnings per thousand visitors.

The only way to find the ideal time trigger is to test frequently and frequently, as each publishing site is unique and the average time spent on a page may vary.

The audience shifts. Additionally, the ideal trigger rates will vary if you have multiple websites.

Is it really worth it all?

If you have these two things in place, then the answer is yes.

-Visitors come to your website(s) and stay for long enough to see updates based on their actions and the time frame you set.

An advertising technology vendor is an excellent partner. There are numerous suppliers of refresh solution. Select one that is capable of handling the aforementioned “to-dos” without sacrificing viewability or accuracy in the consistent reporting to you.

Let’s review.

If it keeps both your advertisers and viewers satisfied and coming back for more, ad refresh can be a simple and effective strategy for increasing revenue.

As long as you have stunning websites and the right partner to handle all the details, that will happen.

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