In 2023, How to Get a Job in Social Media.

In 2023, How to Get a Job in Social Media.

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In 2023, How to Get a Job in Social Media.

The social media industry differs slightly from conventional career paths.

Even though the industry is still relatively young, it has really started to boom over the past few years and isn’t going anywhere in 2023. As a result, an increasing number of people from diverse backgrounds are attempting to make this a career.

In 2023, How to Get a Job in Social Media.

However, where do you begin?

If you want to work in social media in 2023, here are our top five recommendations!

1. Complete some training on social media.

Although this one may seem like a no-brainer, it is a surefire way to put yourself in the running for any position in the industry that you decide to pursue.

Social media is a very complicated tool with many layers on many different platforms. Even though you can probably find everything you need on YouTube, if you don’t have a lot of confidence in what you need to learn, it can feel like you’re just watching videos without getting any clear answers or even learning new skills.

In a way that actually makes sense, social media training will lay out the most important things you need to learn to start a career in social media. Additionally, you will receive a real certification that you can include on your LinkedIn profile and resume.

The Social Media Marketing Intensive Course from SMC is a nine-week program that will prepare you for immediate employment as a social media marketer by covering all of the major social media platforms and principles.

Here are more details about the course.

2. Have a personal social media presence.

In 2023, you can bet that every employer will conduct some preliminary research on your social media profiles to determine whether or not you are proficient in your field.

An employer will be impressed by your ability to successfully implement a strategy, even if it is just for yourself, if you have a robust social media presence for your own channels.

Be active, focus on producing high-quality content, get as much engagement as you can, and increase your following. When looking for social media employees, all businesses will value these essential skills.

3. Recognize the distinctions between roles.

Working in social media can be confusing. It can be overwhelming to determine which position you are most qualified for and what skills are required because there are so many different titles and levels.

When looking for a job in social media, it’s critical to know what each position entails. You need to know the difference between a Community Manager and a Social Media Strategist before you start.

The majority of employers will list this information on the job listing itself, along with the required experience and a description of the day-to-day duties. But it will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on the right job postings if you know what position is best for you before you start looking.

4. On social media, look for jobs in social media.

Do you want a job in social media? Why not give social media a shot when looking for a new job?

Employers, job seekers, and recruiters all benefit greatly from LinkedIn’s growing power. You can add filters to find roles that are right for you in a section that is just for job listings and is updated daily.

Your LinkedIn profile, which will be sent to the employer automatically when you submit your application, is essential to your success in this situation.

Make sure your photo is up to date and professional, that your bio is informative, and that your employment and education history are up to date.

Bonus points if they can see that you are engaged with others, active on the platform, and have a lot of connections (see tip 2).

5. Determine precisely your areas of interest and the reasons you want to work in social media.

In social media, there are SO many different roles.

organic social managers, content creators, platform specialists, advertising specialists, and strategists. The list is endless.

Think about what makes you want to work in the industry before jumping right in and taking any job. Do you prefer to be creative or a data person? Do you prefer to work solely on Instagram or want to also work on TikTok and YouTube?

While you will undoubtedly grow and change over time, a foundational set of skills will truly guide your social media career.


There have never been more jobs in social media, so if you’re looking for a new job, now is the time to jump in! Follow the advice we’ve given you, and start right away.

It’s possible that you’ll land the job of your dreams soon.

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