Header versus open bidding: For programmatic bidding, which one should you select?

Header versus open bidding: For programmatic bidding, which one should you select?

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Header versus open bidding: For programmatic bidding, which one should you select?

Are your advertisements’ bids not producing the expected outcome? If you are currently concerned about this, you should examine the development of programmatic advertising. Make the right choice to boost in-app monetization by comparing the advantages of Google Open Bidding and Header Bidding.

You will have a better chance of selecting the strategy that guarantees you greater earnings per impression and improved visibility in front of advertisers if you evaluate each of these methods. The most important thing is to make your ads perform to their full potential.

Header versus open bidding: For programmatic bidding, which one should you select?

Open Bidding: What is It?

You should be aware that Google competes with other Ad Exchanges and demand partners (SSPs) in this open auction system if you choose Google Open Bidding over Header Bidding. The ad server makes the bid in this instance.

You must have access to Open Bidding and a Google Ad Manager 360 account in order to use this method. As a result, you’ll be a part of the room where bids are made.

How does it function? The GAM ad server receives each request and conducts a single simultaneous auction with partners it deems to be the most successful. It selects the winning publisher from the results it receives.

Advertisers and publishers view the open auction as Google’s response to the advancement of header bidding, which has registered sustained growth for the past five years, in the debate regarding the effectiveness of Header Bidding versus Open Bidding.

Why is this? The low match rate with users who will ultimately see the creatives and the opaqueness of the ad allocation, which remains in the server’s hands, are being questioned in the world of programmatic advertising.

However, if you want to eliminate ads’ latency issues and make use of the technical resources available to you, it is regarded as a viable option.

Header Bidding: What is It?

Instead of using Google Ad Manager, you can offer your inventory simultaneously through multiple SSPs using this programmatic bidding technology. In this manner, advertisers compete for advertising space, with the highest-priced offer being the winner.

A header offer container manages the interaction with demand partners and facilitates all of this interaction. Prebid is the most well-known tool among publishers who choose Header Bidding over Open Bidding for this reason.

This mechanism is aimed at Premium advertisers, who will be more willing to compete if your advertising spaces guarantee them the best Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) when comparing the operation of both technologies.

Do you have any idea why they find it appealing? because you are offering the best of your inventory in conditions that are significantly more transparent and trustworthy. Because you can better optimize your ad units, you will be in charge.

Why employ Open Bidding?

Since bids will not be placed from the user’s page, you can take advantage of Google Open Bidding’s simple configuration and low latency by choosing it over Header Bidding. The browsing experience is guaranteed in this scenario.

You will have access to the Ad Manager reports, which publishers can use to learn more about how sales channels work, in addition to the technical facilities.

We provide you with additional information in case you are debating between Header Bidding and Google Open Bidding: If your objective is to begin gaining reputation and increasing your eCPM is not a priority, you can employ this type of programmatic advertising.

Why is header bidding used?

If your objective is to increase your cost per 1,000 impressions (eCPM) and increase your revenue by up to 60%, you’ll see that header bidding is advantageous when compared to Open Bidding in terms of features and advantages.

Additionally, you eliminate the hassle of cascading bids from your ad inventory. Its dynamics may result in ads or creatives that do not function as expected within your app.

Concerned about putting this technology to use? In addition, we demonstrate a benefit of Header Bidding over Open Bidding: You can get in touch with this service’s providers. Although Prebid is the most widely used platform, there are other providers who can also provide you with the performance you expect and guarantee that the bids are in favor of the client.

Final thoughts: Header Bidding versus Google Open Bidding? What should I do?

Know that programmatic advertising is always changing before deciding on one of these technologies. The channels and mechanisms for publishing advertisements are put to the test by the demands of publishers and advertisers who want to maximize their profits.

Ad Exchanges and SSPs now face an additional challenge from Open Bidding: the Exchange for Google Ads. They all participate in an open auction system where you won’t always have control. This method of programmatic bidding is suitable for you if you do not prioritize boosting your eCPM and want to avoid issues with latency.

Header Bidding allows you to bid on your ad inventory in real time through a variety of SSPs. You will have greater control over the offers you receive and greater opportunities to monetize your income. Do you want greater eCPM and transparency? Your ideal format is without a doubt this one.

If you want to make more money as a publisher, you can combine these bidding technologies. From a technological standpoint, there is nothing that would stop you from doing so.

Do you already have a preference? Open versus header bidding? Therefore, it is time to find partners in order to expand as a publisher.

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